Pavimento in cemento levigato in living room

Polished cement


A solution that is both modern and timeless.


The monolithic floors ensure high functionality and at the same time great attention to form. Similarly to the classic terrazzo floor, in this case the characteristic effect is renounced and the concrete or screed surface is specially smoothed creating an optical effect of great value. Depending on the needs, we offer a wide range of solutions in cement or screed with a polished surface and completely similar to the terrazzo product.

Through the sanding and polishing process we obtain a highly resistant and almost mirror-like surface. In a first step the cement surface is smoothed to release the grain, secondly this is polished to obtain the mirror effect. In order to guarantee an excellent result, we take care of every single implementation process.

Pavimento in cemento levigato in living room
Pavimento in cemento levigato dettaglio


Why a concrete or screed floor?


Resistance and longevity
Less maintenance costs and rapid redevelopment
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Igenic and powder-free
Water and oil repellent (without stain risk)
Natural and ecological composition
Aesthetically refined and contemporary design

The ideal floor for industry, public environments, exhibitions and private environments.

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