Seepage problems? Waterproof permanently with Polyurea


Polyurea is a thermosetting material used in various applications, such as protective coatings, waterproofing layers for roofs and walls, and thermal insulation for pipes. It is valued for its high chemical, mechanical and abrasion resistance, as well as good elasticity and durability. It is also water and weather resistant, making it suitable for use outdoors and on a wide range of surfaces, including irregular or porous surfaces.



Spray polyurea: fields of use and applications


Spray Polyurea is often used as a waterproofing layer for roofs and walls in both commercial and residential buildings. It is also used as a protective coating for metal surfaces, such as decks, water tanks, ventilation grills and steel structures. Spray polyurea is used to create durable flooring, such as in parking lots, garages and warehouses. It can also be used to protect and renew old surfaces, such as old pool tiles.

Punti di forza

I vantaggi della Poliurea


Obviously this is its main characteristic, and it does it best. Because it is monolithically applied, it has no joints or welds from which liquids could seep, and it is extremely resistant chemically, mechanically, and to abrasion.


It can be applied to many different materials including concrete, metals, wood, pvc, old bituminous sheathing and ceramics. Polyurea adapts to complex surfaces and different shapes. It can also be applied vertically.


Thanks to high mechanical and chemical resistance, it is also suitable for places with high walkability or driveability because it is resistant to abrasion and also for containing acids or aggressive liquids such as hydrocarbons, battery liquids and salt. All this gives Polyurea a very long average life.


In both application and drying of the surface.
Our operators, thanks to their skills, are able to ensure that large areas are covered in a short time, and the very fast drying time of Poliurea allows the surface to be functional again within a few minutes.


There is no need to demolish, dismantle or remove old supports. Polyurea is applied to the surface and reaches even the most difficult places, filling every crack. It requires no invasive work and saves on material disposal.


Polyurea is able to stretch up to 400% of its length which makes it impossible to create cracks on its surface. Polyurea accommodates the movements of the structure without compromising the watertightness of the application.


Polyurea is resistant to temperatures extending from -40 to +180 as well as the constant action of UV rays from the sun and aggressive weather phenomena such as hail.


Polyurea has numerous certifications for its use as a firefighting, food and drinking water containment element. It is an anti-static, anti-root, anti-fungus and anti-mustard element.


To ensure the waterproofing of a surface, Poliurea requires no more than a few millimeters of product which brings the weight to about 3 kg/sqm thus not burdening the structure and not compromising the safety of the building.


We are confident of the quality of our products and we provide posthumous insurance coverage to the intervention of as much as 10 years with possible replacement of the work if problems are encountered.


Polyurea sprayed achievements carried out by Portobello Trento


Polyurea is a versatile material and has many advantages over other materials used for protective coatings, waterproofing and thermal insulation. Portobello Trento works with a variety of clients, including building owners, construction companies and public agencies. Send a request for a quote for more information on using Polyurea.

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